GRP Chimneys

Robin King Architectural Products can now supply GRP Chimneys for customers. These are really growing in popularity with builders and other main contractors and we are now regularly supplying our customers with them. They are very easy to install and will save many hours of work. 100% waterproof and fully GRP moulded, lightweight and very easy to lift into position on the roof.

GRP Chimneys

About GRP

Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) is formed by setting woven glass fibre sheets within a resin.  Creating a high strength to weight ratio and versatile enough to be moulded to almost any shape or size. It also has the ability to be detailed with textures, finishes and can be produced in any colour.

Our facilities allow for us to provide an exceptional lightweight solution which requires little to no reinforcement at one of the fastest supplier times on the market.

They also hold a 10 year warranty.

Our prefabricated chimneys are supplied with a 10 year product warranty, (terms and conditions are available on request.) The product holds both CGMA and BBA accreditations.


  • Easy to install
  • Able to be finished in most brick colours
  • 100% GRP moulded in a factory-controlled environment ensuring perfect consistency
  • Fully sealed and 100% waterproof
  • Lightweight easy to lift into position on the roof
  • Pot colour is created to imitate the colour of a real terracotta clay pot
  • Simple to fix into position on top of three layers of roof felt secured with screws. The chimneys are so lightweight they require little to no reinforcement at all

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