Pistol Bricks

Pistol bricks are named after their pistol like shape. They can either be laid as pistol stretchers, horizontally or vertically to create a soldier course. The depth of the rebate depends on how the brick is laid and the supporting construction.

British standard Pistol soldiers include:

  • PS1.1
  • PS1.2
  • PS1.3

whereby their variation correlates to the rebate. A Pistol Stretchers is known as a PS2.1

Brick Cutting Service for Pistol Bricks

Cutting the correct brick shape on site can be difficult and time-consuming and the finish might not be ideal. An awkward angle incorrectly cut can be costly, causing construction issues and wastage. It’s important to get it right first time, every time. That’s why we offer a professional brick cutting service.

Our precision cutting machines and skilled expert team ensure that your bricks are cut accurately. We will provide the highest quality end result for your project. Any shape and angle can be accommodated, for even the most complex designs. Whether you have a conservatory, bay window or unusual shaped extension, then our brick cutting service can be utilised.

Suitable for commercial as well as house exteriors, we can glue or cut the bricks into slips, or they can be cut to form doglegs, squints and more.

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