Brick Slip Cutting

Bespoke brick slips created specifically for your project

Brick slips are versatile products that can be used to create beautiful effects both internally and externally. Brick slips are perfect for using when a full-width brick isn’t suitable or necessary.  The exterior appearance gives the look, texture and durability of a traditional brick, but the slip has the benefit of quicker and easier fitting.

They can be used for small project such as a kitchen splashback or living room wall feature inside. Ranging up to a timber frame or SIPs construction, that requires a brick finish on the outside. Brick slips are a lightweight and cost-effective solution for all of these situations.

If a project requires the slips to match bricks used elsewhere in the build, it’s ideal to have these cut specifically for the task. Here at Robin King, we can do this for you. Our knowledgeable team are able to take almost any brick and provide high-quality slips that are custom made for your site’s requirements.

We can create slips as thin as 20mm from practically any brick, although some types suit the process more than others. We can offer expert advice or talk through your project and specifications with you.

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