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Cladding Board For Brick Slips

Brick slips are very popular within new builds, renovation and conservation projects; they are the perfect solution for creating an external brick facade without having the hassle of building a new wall. Brick slip cladding is suitable for both major and minor renovation projects, adding extra insulation that will be essential.


Enewall Insulation brick slip cladding board is a lightweight insulation board with a high strength to weight ratio. The board is specifically designed for brick slips, with heights of 50mm, 65mm, 68mm and 73mm.

This cladding system can actually be installed on timber, Durisol, Steel, ICF, Masonary and Concrete substrates.

The thickness of insulation is between: 20mm to 200mm

The minimum size must comply with existing legislation, considering the height and location of the building.
Standard panel size range is 50/65mm – 600x1200mm / 68mm – 625x1200mm / 73mm – 665x1200mm.

Material Type

EPS Insulation Board as defined in BS EN 13163 – EPS 200

Thermal Properties

Thermal Conductivity (W/mK, at 10oC) – 0,034
Thermal Resistivity (mK/W) – 29.41

Fire Rating

Reaction to fire BS EN 13501
Class E (flame retardant)

This type of cladding board for brick slips has the following benefits:

  • Maintenance free
  • Improved air tightness
  • Increases house values
  • Weather proofs the house
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint
  • Elimination of cold bridging
  • Maximises the internal space
  • 25 Year Guarantee
  • Elimination of existing damp and mould
  • Savings on fuel bills due to reduced heat and cold loss
  • Maintaining comfortable internal temperatures all year round
  • With large projects you will save time, because it is quick to install and you don’t need skilled labour
  • Can be fitted up-to 18 meters high
  • Cut brick slips can be used

Technical Data Sheet: Download Here


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